The Rocky Mountain Artists [My Favorites] As I See Them [The AG News Show]

I had a desire to write about my favorite artists from the Rocky Mountain States [Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Arizona]. An attempt to dedicate an individual article to each artist was impossible since everyone is almost a favorite. 

Robyn Cage and Gleewood

Whenever Robyn Cage and Gleewood are heard by the underwriter, the memories of the Second American Revolution in music with their interpretation of “White Rabbit” is appreciated. At a time when Mainstream Music is becoming stale, Robyn Cage revives the scene with her songs and videos such as “Born In The Desert” while Gleewood is reviving Rock Music with “Rock N Roll Is Dead”.

These astros of the Rocky Mountain States such as Utah [Robyn Cage] and New Mexico [Gleewood} are more than popular in their states and America. They are widely acclamed in Europe and other areas of the world secondary to the originality of their music and videos.

The reasons for their popularity is being truthful [as well as down to earth] in their musical interpretations and not relying on the excess sounds. This brings the music and the interpretations to life. The listener is transported to another dimension where nature is omnipresent and the Rocky Mountains can be felt in the heart and soul.

After listening to the music interpreted by Robyn Cage and Gleewood, I am often imagining myself walking with my dog Nipper through the countryside and breathing the Mountain and Country Air while leaving the city behind.

Katey Laurel and Megan Burtt

The same can be applied to the music interpreted by Katey Laurel and Megan Burtt. The first time I heard Katey Laurel interpret “Daydream”, I felt transported to the countryside and the farms where life apparently is tranquil and one could move freely.

At one time, I played the song “Daydream” after departing the heavily congested areas of South Florida arriving at Krome Avenue [FL SR 997 a rural road in the West of Miami Dade County]  until reaching the Redlands, and Florida City in order to appreciate the rural areas.

The same applies to the Christmas album recorded by Ms. Laurel in which the underwriter heard during the season. While listening to Katey Laurel’s Christmas album, the underwriter passed by Old Cutler Road at night [another semi rural road in Miami-Dade County] and was able to see the Christmas Trees along with the children [as well as adults] conversing with people dressed as Santa Claus or The Three Kings [a Spanish Tradition].

Megan Burtt does the same with her music especially videos such as “Fast As I Go”. Ms. Burtt [along with Ms. Laurel] has been appreciated far and wide and has even played with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.

Megan Burtt reminds me of the times that I would ride the US 27 Highway to escape the routine of the city between Fort Lauderdale and Miami. I could roll down the windows and receive the fresh air while listening to more music from an artist whose feet are planted firmly in reality

Heather Lingle

The spring and summer of 2019 was a turning point in my musical journey through the Rocky Mountains. I discovered the music of Heather Lingle via the webpage of Mandy Rowden [another Singer Songwriter from Texas who deserves to be heard] and did not look back since.

The Texas native now a resident of Montana shows pride in both states with more down to earth music as reflected in her albums “Welcome To Blue Town” and “Wild Blue”. My favorite songs from her albums are “Crazy Feeling” [as well as the video] and “The Kitchen” but for different reasons.

The song “Crazy Feeling” made me think of the past when many enjoyed life while going through the tribulations of youth. “The Kitchen” [in which Ms. Lingle reminds people who the kitchen is] deals with the present.

I usually play “The Kitchen” when driving through I-75 and the Florida Turnpike as a way of dealing with drivers who want to dominate the roads. While they are losing their patience, I maintain my calm by ignoring them and obeying the speed limits while listening to this song. [Note: The same applied to CDs recorded by Texas artists Mandy Rowden and Julie Nolen].

Linna Martinez

I first heard this Idaho born Tejano Singer almost a decade ago and fell in love with her music. Ms. Martinez is a reflection of the Norteno Music permeating through the Southwestern Area and the world secondary to its spontaneity.

Sparx and Lorenzo Antonio

Sparx and Lorenzo Antonio are also big in the New Mexico Norteno Latin scene and they are one of my favorites. Their spontaneity in music as well as their interpretation of classical hits such as “La Rana” [which is a favorite] makes them one of the most popular singers whose music has reached every part of the world.

I also have the honor of hearing their Christmas album in which they sang a favorite “Ven A Mi Casa Esta Navidad” [Come To My House This Christmas]. This song was a life saver when I went through a very difficult period in my life almost a decade ago.

After hearing Sparx interpret this classical Christmas song, the desire to be among the living instead of the living dead intensified within me. I will be forever thankful to them for recording this Christmas Carol.

Sparx and Lorenzo Antonio have also given back to their native New Mexico in the form of a scholarship. The Sparx and Lorenzo Antonio Foundation empowers students from New Mexico and lessens their financial burdens in college. 

Caitlin Cannon

One of the greatest multi-talented singers from the South and New York is releasing “Trash Cannon” which is a Down to Earth country album. Her singing with groups such as The Cannondolls are symbolic of what should be original music.

Her singing is that of an angel but dealing with the reality of life. She is also a promoter of justice for those who suffer from miscarriage of such.

My best wishes for her in the promotion of “Trash Cannon” which is destined to be a classic. There will be another article when the album is released.



There are many artists from the Rocky Mountains that I hope to see and interview in the future. These are the people who deserve to be mentioned but there will be more in the future. My thanks to all of them for what they have done for humanity via their music.


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