NASA’s Bombshell: Earth’s Rotation is Slowing and Could Cause Major Earthquakes

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Well, this definitely lines up with Bible prophecy. NASA will not project when we will see these major earthquakes, but I tend to believe these scientists are correct; and I would not be surprised to see monster quakes hit in the near future.

The part of this story which escapes most of these scientists is that the God of the Universe, who is in complete control, can speak a word which will cause the slowing down of our rotation and and then major earthquakes all over our planet.

He made the heavens and the earth. Certainly  He can do as He wishes with His workmanship!


EARTH’S rotation is slowing down as the Moon moves farther away from the planet – and scientists believe it could cause major earthquakes.

To watch a video by a New Zealand Geologist warning of the major earthquake coming click  HERE

Earth’s rotation…

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