Youtube Ad Denied For Using One Word: “CHRISTIAN” But MUSLIM is Acceptable

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Brethren, do you still think that major persecution will not come to American Christians?

I’ve been sounding the alarm for over two years.  For some reason, Christians in America think that we are safe.  Do you know that if the Left takes back  the White House, the very first thing that Pelosi has promised to do is to push through the Equality Act.  Once this is part of our Constitution, true Christians (the Remnant) will have to hide, and will most likely be incarcerated.


YouTube ad denied over ‘Christian’ Keyword – but ‘Muslim’ keyword raised red flags, veterans charity founder says

‘Censorship should terrify every American’

YouTube denied an ad from a faith-based veterans charity over the keyword “Christian,” the charity’s founder said — and he said when he tried the same ad using the keyword “Muslim,” the ad raised no red flags with the Google-owned video giant.

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