WARNING: Democratic Socialists Want a Healthcare System Like NHS: Obese People Are Targets for Eugenics

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Did you know that 4 of the Democratic contenders for the 2020 presidential race are proponents of a national Socialist medical system, overseen by the government?

Globalists are supporting and counting on a 2020 «win» by one of their comrades.  I wonder if the absolute worst scenario happens, and a Socialist wins the election; will Congress also be on the government run health system?

You can be sure that the Left has already put a healthcare package together for the Congressional Elite.  They’re so crafty – they may have already figured out a way to keep this from the peons – you and me.

The Left will fashion a government run healthcare system after Britain’s NHS (National Health Service).

But I bet you didn’t know who will be denied healthcare on this government run monstrosity. The Overweight population.

Yes, that’s right.  Just like private insurance denies coverage for certain…

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