You Think Bernie Sanders Wants to Make the U.S. Into Another Denmark? Comrade Bernie’s Spending Plans Would «Sovietize» the U.S.

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

The herd mentality of the Left is appalling.  You want a snapshot of these people?

AOC typifies the minds of the Leftist herd. 

And you can bet that the meetings of globalists behind iron doors, has become a marathon – NOT just a meeting.  These people still have the rotten taste in their collective mouths over the 2016 election.

They just did not see that coming.  And man, did it put a hitch in their plans for the world!

Bernie Sanders has had a love affair with Russia for most of his life. But I am sure that it broke the Comrade’s heart when he saw the breakup of the Soviet Union.

The young followers of Comrade Bernie have  NO clue about the real plans this man has for America.  He is the globalist’s dream for the U.S.

Remember – the only thing standing in the way of the NWO…

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