LUCIFER, SATAN, KING OF HELL Graffiti Left On Church Which Complained About Drag Queen Story Hour

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

South Bay Pentecostal Church of Chula Vista, California, was vandalized on Sept. 7, 2019, reportedly because of the church’s open opposition to a drag queen story hour event at a local public library.

So, at least the drag queen story tellers are being honest about who they answer to!  A pentagram and Satan’s signature – yeah, we get it.

I am so glad that this church leadership had the courage to speak out against the satanic Drag Queen Story Hour. It’s sick and foul, and many of these drag queens have pedophilia listed on their very long rap sheets.

But when I look at photos of these drag queens, the people I am most angry about are the parents of the children!  HOW can these mothers bring their children to these events?  Are they sick? Are they demon possessed?


Church vandalized with satanic graffiti after pastor protests Drag Queen…

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