ABG To Be Voted In Special Election By The AG News Show. Please Read Statement. Thank You

The Americana Bistro Grill was once a program that was dedicated to music from the Americana Genre especially Rock and Country with some comedy. It was on the air at AMI Radio [Anna Maria Island Radio] from 2014 to 2019 and was instrumental in giving a voice to those who did not in music.

The program eventually went off the air and was replaced by The AG News Show with more emphasis on interviews with the artists, sports, and documentaries about animals and tourist destinations. There was the occasional appearance as a guest on different You Tube shows with great results.

Recently, we have received requests to reopen the Americana Bistro Grill and it was decided to hold an election concerning this issue. The election will be held during the month of October via popular vote and will consists of two questions.

Do you want the following:

  1. The AG News Show as it is
  2. The AG News Show with The Americana Bistro Grill included as a subsidiary.

The vote will take place across Facebook, Word Press, Instagram, and Twitter ending on November 1, 2019.  The voter must either choose 1 or 2.

From that time on, we will count the vote and publish the results on November 8th Midnight EST.

The voter has until November 1 to exercise his or her right as votes will NOT count after that date. After November 8th there will be a decision. Thanks for your patience.

In order to help promote our fellow artists and other alternative programs, we do not have sponsors and as such please feel free to donate. Thank You.


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