Extinction Rebellion

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“Extinction Rebellion” is a global movement rebelling until demands are met by governments all over the world.



Members of “apocalyptic cults” always are certain in the superiority of their wisdom over that of ordinary people who cannot grasp that the end is near!  Their frustration over the failure of others to share their sense of doom often leads them to engage in acts that strike nonbelievers as comical.

The lone fanatic walking the streets with a sign or sandwich board proclaiming “the end is near” has been a staple of mockery for generations.

But when you combine pseudo-science with the human impulse to believe that doom for all attends behavior that one objects to in the age of memes, sometimes the doomsters accidentally mock themselves.

Such was the case a few days ago in Australia, when about 150 doomsday “cultists” titling themselves the “Extinction Rebellion” staged a demonstration at Sydney’s…

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