LEFTIST INSANITY: Mourning the Death of Al-Baghdadi

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Was it Michael Savage who said that Liberalism is a Mental disorder?  But I feel that we must distinguish between liberals and Leftist liberals.

Leftist Liberals live by a creed which is this:  If Conservatives like it – then it’s bad and they must  HATE it.  Sounds rather childish, doesn’t it?

But trust me on this, this is not child’s play.

ISIS was a creation of the Obama regime.  And ISIS was sustained by Obama and Soros. This is not speculation.  This is a proven fact, although revisionist historians will no doubt spin a different tale.

The Left’s Newest Martyr

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was the head of the barbaric warriors who beheaded untold number of Christians. They also killed Muslims who were not of their sect.

Do you remember the people put in cages and burned alive? Yep – that was by the order of al-Baghdadi.

Obama is a Muslim

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