Lockwood Barr and Lala Deaton : Two Americana Angels In Christmas Who Helped A Writer/Blogger [Americana Bistro Grill /The AG News Show]

The Thanksgiving and Christmas season are here and it was an honor to start the season listening to Lockwood Barr. She is an Americana Artist from California who just released the EP [Extended Play] Christmas In Memphis. I managed to see two You Tube videos from this great Christmas album Let It Snow and the title song.

Ms. Barr’s rendition of the Christmas Classic celebrating the season reminded me of another great artist Lala Deaton and her acapella renditions. When she sang Christmas In Memphis with Barrett Baber, it was an essence of tranquility with the video showing the duo back to back on a white background.

While this carol had some elements of sadness based on reality, I went back in time to Homestead and Florida City [two cities that I frequent because they are a few blocks from my office in Kendall, FL]. It was a lonely night filled with stars, a full moon with nature and fresh air as well as the voice of a duo [male and female]  singing with the latter playing her guitar. The genre was Americana [Country and Rock] Music.

I was sad and thinking about what the future would hold for me. The music interpreted by these artists [along with CDs of others that I had as personal effects] helped me gather my thoughts and make a decision.

I talked with these artists and congratulated them on their interpretation of the music and that their music [along with others] helped me make it through the days as well as night. They replied that they were content with my comments and that they do not have a record label.

The duo wished me the best in whatever life took me and I decided that artists like these deserve to be heard. Since then, I never looked back and it was an honor listening to Lockwood Barr’s Christmas In Memphis since this album reaffirmed my commitment and promise to Independent Americana Artists.

Lockwood Barr with Barrett Baber deserve praise and a CMA Prize for the video as well as the namesake Christmas Carol. Ms. Barr also deserves a prize for this EP which is an example [the true essence] of Americana Music as well as her way of interpreting this great genre during the other seasons.

At a time when I thought that Christmas is going away [I had a #METOO Moment and PTSD with certain people in Spain and Chile destroying Churches], I visited the You Tube videos of another great singer Lala Deaton. I saw her video Christmas In The Air and was able to appreciate the beauty of the traditions [the food and decorations] that still pass from generation to generation as well as her beautiful rendition of this great song.

Ms. Deaton’s interpretation of Dear Mrs. Claus and Santa Claus Is Making His Rounds made my face smile since I went back in time to Macys in New York enjoying the Christmas decorations as well as the photos with Santa Claus. It even reminded me of the lunches and dinners at Nordstrom in Coral Gables, Florida with Big Band music in the background.

The Song Mary Had A Little Lamb as interpreted by Lala Deaton serves as one of the multiple examples of the True Meaning Of Christmas. God came down and was born to the Virgin Mary to save us from our sins by living among us, being crucified, and rising on the third day.

Thank you Lala Deaton for reviving an almost lost genre of Americana Music and making people happy in the process. I had the honor of meeting these two legends among legends in Americana Music and recommend their music which is available in all formats or in their webpages.

Peace In, Peace Out and Peace Everywhere


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