Merry Christmas Warning

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While most Americans and followers of «Jesus» around the world celebrate and hold December near and dear to their hearts, Democrats and their «sycophant» supporters believe it is the most «evil» time of the year!

Yes, Democrats along with other anti-God movements «despise»Happy, Holy Days, Cheer, Giving, and Joy. In their hearts, there is only room for «hate»since they are all about being victors in their «political blood» sport of destroying the lives of good and decent people.

Just ask anyone if they have ever seen a Liberal tell a funny joke or laugh until they can’t. Instead, it’s easy to spot Liberals because they all have a «growl and frown» expression on their face. They truly live in a “whine cellar!”

With the current “PC” culture so invasive, Liberals are forced to remain «foulmouthed» to avoid being attacked by Social Justice «warriors» for having a sense of…

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