Laura Loomer : Nomination For RRI Personality Of The Year 2019

I would like to nominate Laura Loomer for RRI Personality Of The Year 2019 for representing freedom during censorship. Ms. Loomer is a journalist who has been banned in every social media for daring to expose the truth about the corruption that exists in the United States.
She has exposed the Anti Semitism of Washington by asking politicians and policy makers direct questions about how to confront it while they side step the issue in an attempt to appease the Arab Governments in the Middle East. Ms. Loomer repeated the same method of questioning ëxperts who wanted an open border for America while erecting fences and walls around their homes.
Ms. Loomer exposed the Mainstream and Social Media ¨for acts of corruption in the American Government while other journalists such as Ben Shapiro {of The Daily Wire} betrayed her for expediency in an attempt to please the Politically Correct Elite in Washington. The same has happened when she confronted two politicians concerning how they will reconcile Sharia Law with the US Constitution and asked them about their use of public money for private gain.
Laura Loomer is one of the faces of freedom for the United States of América and the world in an era when such freedom are being extinguished by those who want to impose a Communist dictatorship in the Land of the Stars and Stripes. It would be a crime if such freedoms were to disappear because no one paid attention so it is with this that I nominate Laura Loomer for Radio Romania International Personality of the Year 2019.

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