Americana Bistro Grill and The AG News Show Rules and Regulations [UPDATED TO INCLUDE PRIVACY AND REINFORCE EXISTING REGULATIONS]

The Americana Bistro Grill [and The AG News Show] is starting 2020 [the year and decade] with an update [or amendment] to our rules and regulations. This will include rules governing privacy.

The Americana Bistro Grill [ABG] is a program of live interviews with unsigned [and signed] Americana Artists [True Country, Folk, and Rock]. The Americana Bistro Grill was established in 2015 as part of the regular programs of the now defunct AMI Radio and briefly went off the air in March 2019 only to return on October 2019.

It contained interviews along with music of Americana Artists during its time with AMI Radio. At the present moment, we are doing live interviews with the artists in the hope of promoting their music and art as well as promoting causes to help humanity such as HAAM [Health Alliance for Austin Musicians] #TAKETHEPLUNGEAGAINSTHATE. and Nebraska Farm Bureau.

The AG News Show is a program of live interviews with other artists of other genres. We do live interviews with artists [signed and unsigned] of different genres and we also promote organizations that help people especially in these times and needs.

The following are our rules

1. We will interview signed and unsigned bands and artists.

2. We want originality in music and style as well as imagination [to be determined by the artist or group] but that people’s lives are not put in jeopardy

3. We will accept ALL ARTISTS regardless of their origins, orientations of all spheres, political ideology, race, ethnicity, religion as long as they concentrate on the music and talent.

4. Any acts of racism, inappropriate comments and fanaticism of any type will result in expulsion from the show.

5. Relaxation during interviews and sets are encouraged. The level of relaxation is to be determined by the artist or groups themselves naturally and without use of drugs and alcohol.

6. We will begin with interviews and as the show progresses, live music from the artist will be added.

7. ALL artists will be treated with dignity and respect regardless of race, creed, color, ethnicity, orientation of any type, sex, religion, place of birth . The same applies to their music. The reason is that many artists in the past have not been treated with dignity and this is a crime [in the hosts book] given that they put a lot of effort into their music.

8. There will be specials dealing with trips to different places as well as cooking shows for a change of scenery.

9. We will help people and organizations [if possible] but there will be NO CHALLENGES OF ANY TYPE [LIKE THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE] to promote a cause unless this is initiated by the artist, host or group and in good taste [with symbolism. We just want the music and the career and LIVE INTERVIEWS IF POSSIBLE

10. Any artist or person caught in the act [true verifiable reports] of cruelty to animals [dogs, cats, and more] as well as violence towards others [men against women or women against men] will be called out publicly and expelled from The Americana Bistro Grill and AG News Show with IRREVERSIBLE EFFECT. THE SAME APPLIES TO THOSE WHO SUPPORT (DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY) ORGANIZATIONS THAT SUPPORT PHYSICAL OR PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE, TERRORISM, OR CRUELTY TO HUMANS AND ANIMALS


11. We will not be responsable for ideas expreses by the artists but any support of violence ( any sphere) will result in automatic expulsion.

12. If an artist cancels an interview at the last minute, we will review the reason and decide should they be continue or not. We adhere to the three strikes rule in which a third cancellation will result in a permanent expulsion unless the reason is legitimate. THREE STRIKES RULE NULLIFIED. SEE AMENDMENT ONE WHICH STATES ONE CANCELLATION WITHOUT A LEGITIMATE EXCUSE WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN.


COPPA : We will comply with COPPA [Childrens Privacy Act] in that we do not collect any information from children or their family. This site and program is a general audience site for 18 years and over [Compliance with COPPA, CCPA, and GDPR [General Data Protection Regulation]. WE RECOMMEND THAT ONLY VISITORS 18 AND ABOVE BE ALLOWED TO VISIT US

CCPA AND GDPR : [CALIFORNIA CONSUMER PRIVACY ACT AND GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN UNION]. We do not collect any personal information from anyone that we know of and we are not interested. Whether others do we are not aware of but we personally do not collect information.



While we accept artists signed and unsigned (as well as their representative or agents), it is expected of them to participate in the interview if they accept an invitation, UNLESS THERE IS AN EMERGENCY, ALL CANCELLATIONS BETWEEN 24 TO 48 HOURS WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN FROM THE AMERICANA BISTRO GRILL AND THE AG NEWS SHOW


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