OPEN SEASON ON JEWS: The New Normal and How NYC Jews Are ARMING Themselves for the Fight

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Anyone who follows my articles knows that I fought my way through the streets as a young Jewish girl.  No – it wasn’t in the streets of NYC.  It was in a suburb. in Maryland, believe it or not.

I was always an athletic kid and I loved football – watching it or playing it. I could throw a spiral pass  and connect with the receiver way down field. Because of this, the boys in our neighborhood fought over which team would get me as Q-back.

But not all of the kids fought over me.  Some just wanted to fight me. They called me dirty Jew, Kike, Christ killer – the names went on and on. Then they would verbally attack my father calling him a «Penny pinching Jew» and they called our car a «Jew canoe.»

After a while, this really got to me. I was skinny, well…

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