An Open Letter To D.T. Osborn


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My congratulations to you for your article but with some exceptions. Being a Cuban American born in Ohio [1962], the problem with Cuba [the same with Venezuela where I lived] was the fact that God was marginalized.

Cuba before 1959 had a high standard of living with theaters, movies [yes Cuba was at the forefront of Spanish Language movies especially after the destruction of movies and culture during the Spanish Civil War by Republicans and Communists in the 1930s. There was an increase in sports with baseball players exchanging hands and clubs. Television was beginning to flourish as well but God was absent from the picture.

Venezuela [where I lived in the 1970s] had socialism with democracy and people there thought that the two ideas could co-exist. In fact, Venezuela [being an advanced society] had diplomatic relations with Cuba and North Korea [as well as Iraq and Libya]. God was also absent from the picture as people thought of money, money and money [the same with Cuba]. I want to let you know that I enjoyed my time and had friends across the social strata and different cultures.

I too remember Iran during the 1970s being a developed country since I knew many people there although I never visited. I also had a shortwave radio and would enjoy listening to the latest hit parades from Tehran including disco and rock music from NIRT [National Iranian Radio Television]. I still have my QSL Card from that era signed by the President of NIRT who would later be executed by Ayatollah Khomenei. Iran suffered from materialism as well but it was undergoing a phase in which democracy would have eventually taken root [according to people I knew].

In addition to the USSR, The Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC, New York, and Hollywood were in need of immigration and decided to do their part in destabilizing regimes that were friendly to America. The nations that I mentioned took the bait during the Cold War. As an American Citizen [and a Libertarian], the same things that happened in Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran have taken root in our blessed country thanks to our governing elite.

For starters, those who are Latin and were born and raised in America assimilated to the point of forgetting history. [I am not saying NO to assimilation, I am saying assimilate but don’t forget your origins]. I remember an example of a family of Physicians who left Cuba and were able to rebuild their lives, their sons [my generation] were born in America and were able to form successful lives as Physicians, and the Grandsons [the Millenials] forgot what was learned and voted for Bernie Sanders as well as Rashida Tlaib.

In the rest of America, the Republicans and Democrats controlled elections and excluded other parties such as the Libertarians, Greens, and Socialists from debates and elections via Ballot Access Laws. The press participated in the exclusion process [as well as expressing a double standard by not giving the freedom fighters from Cuba and Iran publicity].

The result was atotal disconnect of the US elite [controlled by Wall Street, Washington, New York, and Hollywood] from the rest of America resulting in alienation and leading more than 50% of the people to embrace Communism and Socialism as an alternative to Capitalism [or a Mixed Economy as we have it because true Capitalism does not exist]. This alienation in America is real and the possibilities ofAmerica becoming a Socialist country is real since the alternative parties have decided to take over the leading parties.

In America, there is a tyranny of the politically correct where one word, phrase or action can land you in the unemployment line permanently. God is hardly mentioned in America anymore because of the fear that exists [the same one prevalent in Cuba, Iran, and Venezuela. New York and California have become cesspools morally and physically threatening to take America with them. I hope Communism does not happen in America since the different ethnic groups that live here have their own interpretations of that philosophy.

I hope one day Cuba, Venezuela, and Iran [as well as other countries] are able to recover freedom and in the process get closer to God. I also hope the same happens in America since God is necessary for any healing process to occur [as well as the course in civics and history which has been absent in the countries mentioned].

Hongkong has been another issue since it is an integral part of China and there has been evidence of outside interference


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