Antifa Thug: «I’m Going To F*** You Up» To GOP Candidate Running Against Pelosi

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Oh Nancy Nancy Nancy!  You’re hiring hit men now from Antifa!!  Shame on YOU!

‘I’m Gonna F*** You Up’ Antifa Thug Gets in Face of GOP Candidate Running Against Nancy Pelosi, Says He Wants Him ‘Dead’

So now the Demonrats are resorting to street violence.  Saul Alinsky would be proud, don’t you think?  And Karl Marx – well, he would be patting this thug on the back!


Bearded fellow in yellow also accused John Dennis of being a ‘racist.’ And how does he know? ‘I can tell by looking at you.’

The left — and specifically Antifa, in this case — just can’t seem to help itself from encouraging more and more people to come to the polls in November and reelect President Donald Trump.

Have a look at the below video if you doubt such a conclusion.

In the video we see in the dark jacket John…

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