What MILLENNIALS DON’T Understand About SOCIALISM Part 1

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Have you been struck with disbelief, as I have, at how Socialism is being embraced by Millennials in America?

This is due to revisionist historians writing their own version of American History. Actually, they rewrite the history of the entire world in much the same way.

I’m a baby boomer and sadly but inevitably, we are dying off.  Many of our children, who are now grown, have not a clue about Socialism and how it invariably morphs into Communism.

They also do not understand that in a Communist State, belief in God is forbidden. The State demands the obedience and worship of its subjects.

They will NOT compete with God.

Our young people have been indoctrinated by Socialist professors on campuses across the nation. We send our children off to college, hoping that they get a good education – NOT A LEFTIST INDOCTRINATION.

And before the reader says to me…

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