New Way Forward Act

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 FOX News host Tucker Carlson pulled the curtain back to expose a new bill pending in Congress sponsored by 44 House Democrats including “Jihad Squad” members Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, that would protect criminals from being deported.

Carlson warned about the “most radical single piece of legislation” that is receiving little publicity, noting the potentially “disastrous” effect on the nation if the bill is passed.

The New Way Forward Act is “almost exactly as long as the U.S. Constitution,” coming in at about 4,400 words, Carlson noted in a lengthy and revealing monologue.

“Like the Constitution, it’s designed to create a whole new country. The bill would entirely remake our immigration system, with the explicit purpose of ensuring that criminals are able to move to the United States, and settle here permanently, with immunity,” he said, reassuring viewers that it was not an exaggeration.

“The New…

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