THE VERY GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY           3/21/2020
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The very good;

CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash praised President Trump’s press conference addressing the coronavirus pandemic Tuesday, saying he demonstrated the kind of leadership Americans need in a crisis.“This is an important thing to note and to applaud from an American standpoint [and] from a human standpoint,” Ms. Bash said on CNN’s “Inside Politics.”“He is being the kind of leader that people need — at least in tone, today and yesterday — that people need and want and yearn for in times of crisis and uncertainty.”


The very ugly;

Don Lemon blew up on CNN analyst John Kasich for not condemning President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address to the nation Wednesday night on the coronavirus.
“What is it the clarification that you thought was so terrible? Tell me what you thought,” Kasich said after several rounds of beating from Lemon.

“I didn’t say I thought it was terrible,” the CNN host said. “I’m telling you that we are in the middle of a pandemic right now. We’re in the middle of a pandemic. And every time this president comes out, he gives inaccurate information. So I don’t understand why he would even come out and do it at all if he is going to confuse the American people even more. You don’t understand that? You’re a governor. I’m surprised that you don’t understand that. If you’re not going to help — if you’re not going to be accurate, why do it?”

When faced with an external attack, human or viral, the citizens in our country have always abandoned political differences and joined arms to defeat the common enemy.    It is up to our leaders then to answer the call and act decisively, openly and effectively.    After the crisis is abated they in turn would be judged by the results, and the actions that determined the outcome.    Whatever you might think of him as a candidate for the presidency to be held in a few months, he now needs all our support whether he personally merits it or not.   

 I think that he as of now has led us the right way, surrounded by world renowned experts, and communicating frequently to the people.    Let us be clear!    This is not an endorsement from a voter, but an opinion from a person worried about his health, his family and the Nation.    Trump has been able to communicate cordially, and partner with Governors that have been highly critical of him like Cuomo from New York and Newsom from California.    

Kudos also to them that not only have been heroes in this fight for their constituents, but have praised and acknowledged the help, personal and otherwise, received from the President.    Also Trump has brought in private enterprises, a group that he has dealt with in his career, in an unprecedented move to join as partners with the bureaucracy and expedite the necessary help.    

Even if a minority, some journalists have expressed, along with many civil partisans, a positive tone as exemplified by CNN’s Dana Bash.    This very good behavior and actions should be the cornerstone exhibited in this battle to assure us of a speedy and positive resolution.

Unfortunately, there have been many opponent politicians and supporters that covertly and/or openly are trying to minimize the positive and in many cases repeated the outright falsehoods, half truths, and misinformation in the media and social outlets like Facebook.   

 Just to name a couple, our government was never offered test units from WHO, the scientific group did look into them and found them defective, and a “pandemic unit” was only a part of our NSC, was planning a response to influenza as it happened in 1918, and is still functioning.     It baffles logic to be critical of lacking tests or preparation before an unknown virus attack.    Maybe when we advance our brain functioning to know the future, we can then achieve what some extremist are asking for now!

On the very ugly side, we have most of the mainstream media that openly express a desire to use this tragedy as proof of our president’s failure in office and assure that he is not reelected.    Joining them are the Hollywood zillionaires, some politicians, and extremists that because of malice or plain stupidity join in this covert/overt war against our traditional values, and political system, in order to take control of the Nation and our freedom.

Fernando J. Milanes, MD


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