THE SUN Has Gone Through “Lockdown” and Strange Behavior Could Worsen Global Shortages

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Since the very beginning of the “Covid 19” pandemic, I have been asking my husband almost on a daily basis “What has happened to our sun?”  We would laugh about it, but brethren – this is no laughing matter.

Today it has been reported from one of the most trusted websites which I use as a source for my writing, that the sun is acting strangely – so strangely that it has never been seen in recorded history.

I remember in April, waiting and waiting for the warmer temps and April showers to come as they always have since I can remember. Even into May, the temps have dipped below freezing at night and struggled to get above the high fifties during the day.

I keep wondering what is happening with our weather.


The Sun “Has Gone Into Lockdown” and This Strange Behavior Could Worsen Global Food Shortages

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