Grieve With Me

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Grieve with me, Americans

As we watch the dying flicker of a flame

We thought would never be extinguished.

Grieve with me for that shining city on a hill

As it is trampled underfoot and brought low.

Grieve with me for the soldiers of years gone by

Who so bravely fought for liberty and freedom 

Who knew that the blessings of liberty were not just words

But the very foundation of our great country

Pray for the families who lost sons, fathers, daughters 

Their tears only dried by knowing that their loved ones 

fought valiantly  and paid the ultimate  price to secure our freedoms.

Salute them with me so that they will never doubt that the ones they loved and miss are revered and cherished by us all.

Yes, grieve with me for America 

For our forefathers and the Constitution they constructed for us

For our well being and a…

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