Washington Times African American Author: «There IS Systematic Racism in America – It’s called the DEMOCRATIC PARTY»

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Being brought up in a Jewish family, I know full well about the expectations of political affiliations within the family. Jews are expected to vote for the Democratic Party – no questions asked.

After I was born-again in 1983, my politics soon changed and I could no longer vote for the Dems.  I could not reconcile their platforms with what I was reading in the Word of God.  I suddenly realized how wicked abortion really was, and I also saw that most of the Dems hated any talk about God or His Word.

Throughout the years, I have watched with much sadness,  the black community in the U.S. being duped over and over again by a party which strives to keep blacks down with a Welfare program which does not offer a way to ever realize the America dream.

Families being on welfare becomes a generational trap. And the Democrats…

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