The Diabolical Soviet Plan to Destroy America Explained by Yuri Bezmenov, An Ex-KGB Operative Who Warned Us in His Book «Love Letter to America»

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I will never forget the words our youngest son said to me on the first day of college.  

«My professor says that Patriotism and Nationalism are wrong and they cause major problems in the world.»

I had never heard this taught and it troubled me. This same year (2003) was the year our sons began questioning the Bible and even the existence of God.

We were horrified.

Let’s go back to 1984

No – not to the iconic Orwell novel of the same name «1984»- I want to take you to an interview with a most interesting person. His name was Yuri Bezmenov and he had been a KGB Operative who defected  to Canada. His work in the KGB specialized in Propaganda, so he knew their tactics well. 

He wrote a book «Love Letter To America» and used his pen name Tomas Schuman. 

The book was truly a «Love…

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