BRIGADE 2506 AND ITS MEMBERS     10/21/2020

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The 2506 Brigade that participated in the ill fated Bay of Pigs affair after the then President John Kennedy failed to go ahead with the promises made, has been represented by an association led by elected members of it.    As such they for the first time in 2016 chose to support a candidate for the US presidency, Donald Trump.    

This year the group was invited to a ceremony in the White House and the sponsorship for his reelection was affirmed.    The original decision and the acceptance of the visit were supported by the immense majority of the members that recently re-elected the Brigade’s Association leaders without opposition.    Let us be clear.    

We went to Cuba with the purpose of establishing Democracy in our homeland.    The main pillar of liberty is its freedom of speech.    We would be overt hypocrites if we would oppose Mr. Morales, a Brigade member of our infiltration teams, to exercise it in stating that he favors Joe Biden in the upcoming election.    

I will not go into his expressed reasons why as they are mainly partisan unproven talking points.    What I vehemently oppose is the appearance that he speaks for, or represents a big number of us.     Neither he, nor I for that matter, speaks for our elected representatives.     

It is obvious by the article that he was manipulated by Mr. Bloomberg and the Miami Herald to minimize the support that most Cuban Americans including the ones that participated in the “invasion” give to President Trump, that presents a radical contrast to the ill fated policy of the Obama/Biden’s administration that encouraged economic and diplomatic backing toward the tyrants that has enslaved the Cuban population for over 60 years

Fernando J. Milanes, MD


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