The Brainwashing of Our Children: Satan in Our Public Schools and Universities Has Brought Us to This Time in Our History

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

When the children were young, I stayed home and was a licensed day care provider. We needed the money and I felt that this would be good for our children and also for the children who would come into our home. I made sure that any prospective parents knew that their children would hear the name of Jesus in our home. I told them that we prayed and I read Bible stories to the children. Most of the parents had no problem with this – some did, so it worked out for everyone.

When our children entered elementary school, I had talks with them about things they might learn in school – things that didn’t match what we read in our Bible. I told them that the Bible wasAbsolutetruth, so if they heard something which contradicted it, then they should always believe the Bible.

I knew that as…

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