Is a “DARK WINTER” at our Doorstep? Or Did Biden’s Handlers Have Him Repeat That Phrase Twice as a Scare Tactic? Read About Operation “DARK WINTER” Here

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Most of us know that Joe Biden has handlers. He needs them because making a complete thought in a speech is extremely challenging for him. Sometimes I actually feel sorry for the guy, but then I remember his record in government and how corrupt and sleazy he has been for so many years.

In the last debate, Joe mentioned a “Dark Winter” ahead for us – not once, but TWICE. I immediately knew that he was speaking in code and his handlers made sure he used that phrase.

But I did wonder why. Then I began to investigate.


“Dark Winter” Is Code Word: Biden’s Careful Instruction Contains Sinister Message

Democrats are fueled by an unholy bent to destroy the United States.

We all know thatJoe Bidenisn’t allowed to talk on his own. Whenever he does, his dementia becomes obvious… so his handlers have all sorts of…

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