Will YOU Accept Criminal Joe Biden As YOUR President? (VIDEO)

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

In a perfect world, Creepy Joe would be given a sentence of life imprisonment. But considering that his crimes are High Treason – our Federal Government could order him to be executed.

And now, he and his Criminal Marxist Party have knowingly STOLEN the election from Donald Trump.

Watch this reporter speak about Biden being listed as a CRIMINAL SUSPECT in UKRAINIAN COURT:

Brethren, I’m angry as I’m sure that many of you are.

I read something today and I will be writing a piece on it shortly. The subject is «How Christians should be praying Imprecatory prayers from the Psalms. I wish that I had known about this years ago. You will see how powerful our prayers were always meant to be!

How many times have we read headlines about witches casting spells on President Trump?

As believers in Jesus Christ, we would NEVER get into ungodly practices like…

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