Open Letter To America and Its Christians RESPONSE TO GERI UNGUREAN [The AG News Show]

Geri. I am going to reply to you and Crissy.
The video of the Serbian explaining Communism to the American People is necessary. While Christianity is going through extreme times [and its is necessary to preach the Gospel], Christians cannot turn the other cheek and allow people to burn their Churches, prohibit Church Services, renounce the right to defend their faith when others defile it.

The people who persecute Christians do use violence and I hope it does not come to this extreme. But I ask the question like the Serbian in the video. Where was America when all of the rights were terminated during the lockdown? Where were the Americans [and Christians] when God was thrown out of public schools, media, universities, social media, and immoral aberrations were allowed? Where was America when gatherings, trips, and others were prohibited?

I would have expected a better response than what happened in Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua [as well as Spain]. Yet, Americans gave up their rights voluntarily without any questions to tyranny. Thite same applied to the Christians who live in America since most never experienced Communism and never knew how to deal with it.

Guillermo Alvarez-Guedes [Cuban Comedian who died an exile in Miami Florida] once said that he tried to warn many people about the dangers of Communism. Yet the response was that of indifference and ridicule. He then said that those who do not believe after hearing his Testimony about Life under Communism deserve such an ideology after warning and voting.

Many countries in Latin America are now under the Communist boot and they are now warning the USA not to follow the same path. Like the Serbian, Latin Americans who die to come to America to escape Communism cannot understand why the USA thinks that Communism is Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness [quoting the Serbian].

Many times, Liberty is won and recovered by fighting for the rights to have it. Never in the course of human history has liberty won via peaceful means. I was born in Ohio to Cuban parents and my family escaped Communism and its horrors yet now all of my family is feeling the same stupidity as most Americans. This is affecting me personally and I am becoming angry. I AM ALSO A CHRISTIAN

I am tired of convincing the people of America to exert their rights and freedoms when the majority wants to become Planet of The Sheep. I am now wondering if the American people would actually kill themselves with Kool Aid and Cyanide if Mainstream Media and the Deep State were to tell them to do it. I can say this as I am an American Citizen and I am in agreement with Alvarez-Guedes and this Serbian individual.

If America wants to live under Communism, go ahead. Enjoy it. The ones who burned the streets and businesses [as well as those who mocked the Trump supporters and Christians] will one day wake up and find that they are living a nightmare without end. America under Communism will be like Cambodia under the Khmer Rouge or Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. For those who want it clearer because of their addiction to Hollywood, this will be like the Hunger Games except that it will be an elite that has everything and the rest NO.

Go ahead and see if Communism works because there will be more than ten centuries of it for America with America never recovering. I dont know what my future will be but I am putting my trust in God. The rest [of America especially those who voted for it] can take their love of communism and shove it.


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