Stollen Elections Matter [Fernando J. Milanes, MD]

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STOLEN ELECTIONS MATTER                       11/15/2020

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As an eyewitness to Fidel Castro’s rise to power in Cuba and other key episodes, Néstor T. Carbonell sheds new light on how the ruler and his allies deceived and subjugated the Cuban people and defied twelve U.S. presidents.    Just as important – if not more so – he reveals how the regime continues to pose a serious threat to the United States in collusion with Russia, China, and Venezuela.    The author draws on declassified documents and reliable unpublished testimonies, as well as personal experiences, to delve into the Communist takeover of Cuba, which he denounced while on the island. He ponders the causes and consequences of the botched Bay of Pigs operation, which he joined as a refugee.

Why Cuba Matters, Nestor  T. Carbonell

When someone gets to my age, the decreasing neurons continue to receive new thoughts as they also keep memories of their past live events.    As I continue reading the book written by my childhood friend Nestor, cited above, and continue to watch the news of potential malfeasant on the validity of the projected elected president Joe Biden, the memories and reality thoughts mix.    At this point, the mind starts changing from past memories to the present and “what if” questions come to mind.   Nestor presents ample, detailed, and documented evidence of why a change of government in a small island named Cuba, has provoked world changes that affects us at present.    A question arises.    What would have been Cuba’s future if Nixon would have won the presidency in 1960 instead of Kennedy?    Ample facts are presently known that Kennedy was made president by a corrupt process in many fronts, but made obvious in Chicago owned by corrupt leadership and the mafia.     Here is a recent recount for the younger generation;

NEWLY discovered documents reveal Republican Richard Nixon REALLY won the 1960 presidential election — and his Democratic rival, John F. Kennedy, used dirty tricks to capture the White House, stunned sources tell GLOBE!    Now, 60 years after the controversial close election, sources say they’ve uncovered explosive voting records and archives from Chicago revealing massive ballot tampering, fraud and poll intimidation that allowed Kennedy to steal the election with the help of mobsters and shady politicians linked to his bootlegger father, Joe!    Although Kennedy won by just 118,000 popular votes out of 69 million ballots nationwide, Illinois was at the heart of the fraud due to the Electoral College system, which actually determines the winner, insiders say. Kennedy finished with a slender 8,858 margin out of 4.8 million ballots cast in the state — capturing Illinois’ key 27 electoral votes, which put the final nail in Nixon’s coffin.

Globe, November, 2020

In the “what if” mental process and continued inspiration from Carbonell, would Castro had been able to remain in power?    Would the Brigade 2506 have been able to achieve its goal of defending a part of Cuba for sufficient time to get a democratic government in the island and with other Nations help topple Castro?    For those that ignore the plan that was to be executed and Kennedy changed to the point that meant winning impossibility, it was named Plan Trinidad, and here is a summary;

In general, the Trinidad Plan contemplated an amphibious landing of the greater part of the 2506 Brigade (1,200 men) on Casilda, an adjacent port to the city of Trinidad. Another group of 160 men would disembark to the south of the province of Oriente to distract the Castro regime and make them believe that this was the main assault.    Finally, an additional distraction would be created on the northwest coast, in the province of Pinar del Río. A spectacle of noise and lights with several ships near the coast to simulate some sort of military operation.    The assault on Casilda was planned to establish a beachhead and a defensive perimeter that would allow transfer of the members of the Revolutionary Council to Cuba. This Council would be presided over by José Miró Cardona. Later, it would constitute a government of Cuba in Arms. This government would then ask for international recognition, which would be quickly supported by the United States and the OAS.  Victor Silva, 2018

It is logical to presume that Richard Nixon would have complied with what was decided by President Eisenhower and him the V.P.    Nestor and I arrived at the Bay of Pigs more than a day (D1) than we were supposed to and our landing was cancelled minutes before we were going to.    What would our futures would have been like?    What about Cuba, the World, and mainly the United States?    Who knows, but one thing is proven; stolen election matters.    In 1960, Nixon declined to fight the obvious to spare a Country that was starting to find itself after wars.    He took the “high” road but did he hurt rather than help our and the World’s future.    At this time, we as citizens are having the same conundrum.    Should we desire that Trump accepts the alleged election and stop the arduous and divisive legal battle?   What If he does, and as in 1960 proof of illegitimacy appears in the future?    This election has consequences that might change our lives, those of future generations, and our system of government for a long time.    Joe Biden could govern as Obama, the sequel, with a staff of known public figures that only desire is to rule in order to use the power to enrich them as the Clinton and Obama’s did.    Anyone with a sane mind thinks that If not for political power, they would have been able to enjoy the riches that they have and Biden attempted to get?    But think that the above would be the best scenario if the Republican Party keeps the Senate.     After all, they only want America to change for their personal and crony capitalist gain.     The real fear come from the gaining philosophy desiring not to make America change, but to change America into a one party rule the total opposite of our forefather’s creation and dream.       So let us be patient, hope for at least keeping the Senate, fight the swamp again in 2 and 4 years, and take the real America back.

Fernando J. Milanes, MD


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