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vote fraud in 2020Independent Voter Site Balladeer’s Blog notes the upcoming Trump March Bus Tour for Election Integrity. Things get rolling in Florida this Sunday November 29th and will wrap up in Washington DC.

trump vs goliathWhile de facto Third Party President Trump’s legal challenges continue to play out, it’s a great way to highlight the clear vote fraud in the forever-tainted 2020 election.

Many people want to just hide their heads in the sand like ostriches, acting like Montag’s Wife by mindlessly consuming only the media outlets pushing the narrative permitted by Big Tech fascists like Jack Dorsey. Sharyl Attkisson has a great story about these cowardly people HERE

(And how disgusting are some of the latest labels that Twitter, Facebook and their ilk inflict on items they don’t like: «Accurate but misleading.» … «Accurate but lacking in context.» Always imposed on just ONE side of the issues, too – the anti-establishment side.

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