In Front of US Flag, Jon Voight Warns of Biden Presidency: ‘Trump Is the Only Man That Can Save This Nation’

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

May I add that I believe that only God can save America. But I do believe that in 2016, Donald J. Trump was God’s man for the job. And also I firmly believe that this 2020 election was STOLEN by the Marxists Dems. They know it and they’re laughing.

The evidence is being shown in courtrooms now. None of us know how this will play out. But considering that Biden, Obama, Hillary et al have ALWAYS emerged unscathed in the midst of their heinous crimes; it does make me wonder if once again these evil actors will be given our nation to utterly ruin and turn into a Bolshevik wasteland.

Can you imagine? AMERICA – the leader of the free world going down in flames and becoming a Communist country like Venezuela, Vietnam, Cuba, North Korea and China.

Apart from Voight praying to Moses along with our Jesus, I…

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