Geopolitical Boogeyman GEORGE SOROS Has Been Reshaping America: No Wonder We Do Not Recognize Our Own Country Any Longer

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

If any of my readers think that George Soros has all but faded away in our world – THINK AGAIN. His strategy to disparage anyone who speaks ill of him, is to play the “Anti-Semitic” card. Many journalists have backed off from the Satanically inspired Soros for this very reason.

This writer will never back off. I am a Jew. I love my people. George Soros is a self-hating Jew. His despicable actions during the WWII against his own people helped to mold his character – or lack thereof.

I have posted this interview with Soros from years ago many times. But if you missed it, please watch. You will be shocked:

And just for the record, I do believe that this man is a Sociopath and a Malignant Narcissist.

I believe that when you read the content within the very credible Conservative news site, coupled with the interview, you…

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