ADIOS TO A GHASTLY 2020                 12/31/2020

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New Year’s Quotes and Captions for the Realist

1.      Welcome, 2021! Here’s hoping you can’t be worse than last year.

2.      Seriously? We saw how 2020 went. Do we really want to do this, again?

3.      Happy 2021! Spoiler Alert: We’re still social distancing.

4.      Whatever you do, don’t ask what’s next!

5.      On the bright side, thanks to lockdown we never got used to writing 2020 on things, so 2021 should come easier.

6.      Here’s hoping 2020 really is hindsight!

7.      We’re social distancing from 2021 until we see how it goes…

8.      First rule of 2021: No one talks about 2020.

9.      I lived through 2020. Please don’t kiss me at midnight.

10.    After 2020, my 2021 expectations are lowering faster than the ball in Times Square.

11.    Sorry we couldn’t come to your NYE party. We’re socially distancing.

12.    Pop, Clink, Fizz! (That’s Alka Seltzer, not champagne. #thanks2020)2020 started and ended with two unusual events.    Meghan and Prince Harry renounced their Royal family but their plan to quit royalty while living off Royal funds was thwarted by the Queen, a lady that like wine improves with aging.    Queen Elizabeth said, fine but no Royalty no money or some words to that effect.    

The year ended by another weird occurrence New England Patriots sans Tom Brady failed to make the playoffs!    Unfortunately, in between these happenings only tragedies marked the year.    In January 9th the WHO announced that a deadly virus had emerged in Wuhan, China.    Since “we follow the science”, we listened to WHO and the rest of the “wise men” including noted Physician Fauci, that ended the year as a celebrity.    

Not to worry, worry, masks are useless, masks have to be worn all the time, just like influenza, we will all die, save yourselves by staying 24/7 at home, go back to work, go back to seclusion, were among the clear and concise messages that “we the people received.    As we end the year more than 20 million world wide were infected and close to a million died and the pandemic is still strong and growing.    But as Mad magazine made famous “what, me worried” citizens trusted our elected officials to guide, act and serve in our behalf.    Sadly, they were otherwise occupied by impeaching president Trump and then attacking everyone and everything depending on their politics.    They did give us money in order for us to be able to pay our expenses for a few hours!    

Sadly this year suffered by the loss of a great athlete and human being, Kobe Bryant and his daughter in a helicopter crash.   Since we had only our TV to avoid mass suicide, we were forced to watch the Oscars and a pix aptly named Parasite that took so many Oscar’s that China would melt to donate to Chi.    We were also exposed via media to protests, revolts, and Trump rallies that afforded multitudes to leave their house while magically being protected from the virus!    What is the appeal of violence without sex, we asked.    2020, not wanting to disappoint, also gave us Harvey Weinstein and that dicey couple of Maxwell and Epstein.    

We were also entertained by “guess if they are dead” quiz show involving North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and D candidate Joe Biden.    In other news, we were invaded by a swarm of “murder hornets”, that provoked many of us to leave the TV, Netflix, Amazon, and others to go to our yards yelling to the sky “come on hornets, let me see what you got!”    Deadly fires erupted in Australia and California, Eddie Van Halen, noted Jurist Ruth Baden Ginsburg and TV host Alex Trebek also passed on, and president Trump was afflicted with the Corona virus, but for the dismay of many persons he survived.    

The year ended with the election with the apparent winner being the Biden/Harris ticket or Harris/Biden, as good old Joe is still not able to comprehend that after so many tries he finally made it!   

 2021 starts with a worsening virus (bad), vaccines to prevent contagion (good), and a never ending battle between D’s led by Queen Pelosi and Prince Consort Schumer and R’s led by King Trump and reluctant consort Prince McConnell.   Not the best of starts but there is hope as the hornets view earth and decide to return to Mars!

Fernando J. Milanes, MD


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