Bread Lines Stretch Across America: We are NOT Being Told the Extent of this Tragedy

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

The picture shown is of course from the Great Depression, but we are not far from the magnitude of homeless and hungry Americans.


Breadlines Stretch Across America: This Economic Collapse Is Much Worse Than You Are Being Told

Now, our country is essentially divided between those who patiently wait for some food in breadlines -after losing their ability to provide for themselves and, oftentimes, the roof over their heads- and those who sit comfortably at their own homes waiting for the meltdown to be over while discovering the joy of baking bread.

Breadlines vs. Bread makers,that’s the ominous picture of an increasingly unequal America.That’s what Epic Economist exposes in the following video:

The collapse has laid bare just how unequal our system is.

As euphoria on Wall Street sends stock prices to astronomical heights, Main Street remains in crisis, withroughly 8 million…

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