TRUMP’S EVIL POWERS                         1/23/2021

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As hard as it may be, we might have to admit that the enlightened few and the main stream media were right when they told us that having voted for Trump only demonstrated our challenged intellect and culture.   Today we found out that Trump possessed such powers that they could only be possible from Satan or one of his acolytes.    It happened in his speech delivered on January 6 that caused an instant reaction by our House of Representatives Saviors to impeach him again, even if he is gone!    How correct they were.    

Today we found out by none other than our new superior being and new Senate leader Chuck Schumer that his speech not only made a revolt possible but caused a massive ERECTION on the hundred thousand persons present.    But there were women, you poor retarded soul, might ask?    Our Maximum Leader Biden, the chosen one to make our country, the world, and all planets sane, peaceful, and joyful again gave us the answer in the multiple executive orders that he has presented to us in only two days.    It so happens that penises and vaginas are just misinformation from a corrupted past culture.   

Men and women are identical!   They can play sports, go to the bathroom and shower together.    And BTW, extraterrestrials are no longer aliens just welcomed guests.    After learning this, my first thought was; where was he when I was a teenager?    Too late now!    But, Alas! it was just an edited news by the right wing liars of the press, that should be banned and burned in an stake.    Chucky corrected himself and said he meant insurrection.    Shame, at my age I would have preferred the original version.    Just kidding!!!

Fernando J. Milanes, MD


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