Pastor Brandon Holthaus On the Spiritual Battle in Which We Find Ourselves

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Pastor Brandon of Rock Harbor Church in Bakersfield, CA is my favorite Prophecy update pastor.

Here is his latest on the importance of being dressed for Battle; because brethren, we are in a fierce battle with the evil one in these last days.

Much of the church has no idea that they are being manipulated by fear and because of that, they are following men and not God. Are you in a church which teaches that all white people are racists? Or does your pastor promote Marxism; that all people should be paid the same, no matter how talented they are or how brilliant?

In Marxism, there are but two classes in society – the Ruling Elitists (the Bourgeoisie) and the low class wage-earners (the Proletariats).

And you haven’t seen anything yet.

Marxists slaughter millions of dissenters. In the 20th Century, more that 100 million people were murdered…

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