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WE NEED THIRD PARTIES! Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog presents the latest edition of Democrat Atrocity Roundup:

Biden is creepy*** BIDEN CONTINUES LYING ABOUT CAPITOL OFFICER’S DEATH FROM JANUARY 6th PROTEST EVEN AFTER THE NEW YORK TIMES WALKS BACK THEIR ATROCIOUSLY WRONG ARTICLE. No determined cause of death and the Democrats still won’t discuss that aspect, presumably since that doesn’t support their claim that the officer was “murdered” by Trump supporters. (As if Democrats actually care about police getting killed in the first place. Uh. Yeah. Right.)

*** BIDEN, GOVERNOR CUOMO AND DEMOCRAT MEDIA OUTLETS LIED TO COVER UP CUOMO’S ATROCIOUS MISHANDLING OF NEW YORK’S COVID PROBLEM – How many people died because the Democrats were so crazed with Trump-hatred that they kept claiming Cuomo was “the national role model” for responses to Covid? Democrats even awarded him a spite-Emmy for his Covid briefings simply because Trump was criticizing him. …

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