An Open Letter To The Daily Signal

Dear Daily Signal
I read the Dr. Seuss article and bought one book from E Bay even though I am almost 60 Years old. It seems that América is going further than Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. 
Many here in Miami are in denial of this reality. I decided to BOYCOTT those who are doing the cancellations to see if that works. At least the remaining institutions doing it since I boycotted Mainstream Culture since I was 11 Years old in 1973 or even earlier since I had my own mind.
The same with saying the truth even if it costs leaving América vertically or horizontally. I will say the following about América that has been Applied to other countries. 
América will have three choices at the present rate IF IT DOES NOT WAKE UP AND GO TO GOD OR ANY SPIRITUAL BEING
1. Communism (THIS IS REAL) with Transhumanism ( Frankfurt School of Thought For The First Time)
2.  Civil War
3.  División into Various Countries
If América survives this cultural Genocide, the following will happen:
1.  A need for more Mental Health Profesionals because of the PTSD and other psychiatric problems created by and exacerbated by a society that hates itself
2. More opthalmologists and immunologists because of ocular and inmune problems caused by over reliance on computer.
3. Those born here in America after seeing and reading what actually happened will REJECT this country and society. I am giving a real life example
3a. Example: I knew someone born in Rwanda who lived through the evolution of her country to the Genocide in 1994(She was a Tutsi). 
3b. She escaped during the 1994 Genocide in her native Rwanda (only survivor in her family) and lives in South América (rescued by missionaries). 
3c. She married, has a new family in South América, and has NOT returned to Rwanda nor does she want anything to do with Rwanda.
Only a return to God (or spiritual being)and placing the people who started this Genocide on trial Nuremburg style will clean America.


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