A Letter To Ms. Parker Of The “Daily Signal” About Decreased Birth Rates In USA [RCAG]

Dear Ms. Parker

My congratulations to you on the article of having Babies. I am going to comment on why there is or no reproduction in USA.

América has become the Culture of death celebrating abortion, infanticide, and even homosexuality. Anything that is negative, Gothic and evil is celebrated in a Land that allowed God.

When a society abandons God and permits killing of human beings from womb to tomb, the demographics tend to decrease and society cannot sustain itself unless there is massive immigration. The latter I think is an overall plan.

While everyone has a right to do or be what they are, you cannot have a family unless there is a man and a woman. You cannot Window dress a family with two men, two women or múltiple partners because of human nature. 

I could care less about the PC Culture that says the opposite because human nature is what it is. Even Russia and China are in agreement about man and Woman. 

Robert Mugabe (President of Zimbabwe 1980-2017) and Bashir Assad (President of Syria 2000-Present) have addressed this issue of American Society encouraging people NOT to procreate because of its (society) behavior.  I agree with them.
What AOC says about Ecology and Procreation is logical (and I agree with her) but it does not explain the whole picture.

Only a return to the básics will eventually correct this problem

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso Florida 



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