A Time With Sunita Nanda And «Feelings» (Roberto Alvarez-Galloso)

When «Feelings» was published, many in the literary world were excited to see a book of poems and short stories instead of the tragedies that exist in today’s world. Sunita Nanda is the author of «Feelings» and a blogger of the «Sony Cool» which appears in WordPress.

Ms. Nanda was invited to be interviewed by the AG News Show and she accepted. The rest is history

1. When and how was «Feelings» created and what is its central theme?

Well i always thought or can say it was one of my dreams to write a book since childhood, and later on i had in my mind that i would write something which would relate to my or any other human beings emotions, situation and thoughts…So just built words then sentences and created poems one after other and posted them in blog. Wrote short stories based on my own life experience. So finally got the opportunity to collaborate with a publication and then onwards there was no stopping for me and published my book ‘FEELINGS’ and you can just understand by its name that its purely based on human feelings, indifference in society towards a girl, mixed emotions, agony, sorrow, joy etc.

2. How did you get started in the art of writing poetry and short stories?

Hmmmm, writing has come in genes from my grand father (father’s father) i can say!!!He used to write book on some philosophical topics and by seeing his name on his written books, i created a desire in my mind that one day i will also write my own book!!Then this desire gave me booster and enthusiasm to start writing…So since my childhood i started writing prayers in odia language, then gradually i started writing stories in odia language and it continued till 10th standard…Later due to many reasons i lost the touch with writing totally… but thank to this lockdown phase which once again ignited my zeal to write and then i started writing poems and stories!!

3. Where can «Feelings be acquired?

‘Feelings’ is a word which cannot be described properly by just saying, its something which can be just felt and can touch our heart and soul!!So its not only in human, but also in all living beings in universe…Even an ant can have feelings!!!So feelings can be acquired everywhere, whenever any thing or person or living being touches our heart i believe!!

4. Who is Sunita Nanda?

I am a normal human being, a simple girl who believes each micro second has importance and precious so should not be wasted fighting, being sad, rather should try to be happy and spread joy, positivity all around, enjoy each bit of life and make beautiful memories…If i go to explain myself more then i can say i am a senior software engineer in an IT Organization. Apart from my job, i am also an artist (drawing is my passion too), a blogger (ofcourse), a newbie singer and guitarist (i sing and record them in star maker app) and adventure lover, i love trekking, parasailing, paragliding, scuba diving, sky diving etc…

5. What is your message for the rest of the world?

Just live in the present moment!Try best to let go of past!Do whatever makes your inner soul happy!If you have any passion, try harder to fulfill it!Love and live life positively!Cheers friends💖💖

Thank you Soni for this great interview. You can buy «Feelings» via Amazon and read

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