For Women Artists In The International Month Of Women [Roberto Alvarez-Galloso]

I recently read a post from an artist who left singing and recording secondary to the complications of the music industry such as harassments from managers, producers, and promoters as well as indifference. It is a crime that this sort of thing has to happen to women artists in the 21st Century even though they tell the truth [much more than male artists] to the public. The same applies to the actresses and comediennes.

Many times when I have been in the worst of states [or wanted to hear the true realities], many female artists with their voice interpreting a song [composed by them] and videos [recorded by them] have convinced me to stay the course because of better times ahead. If it were not for the female artists, I probably would not be writing this article expressing my thanks because my worst of states were very very advanced.

#ARTISTSAREESSENTIAL and Female Artists are Essential to our very existence in the Earth with their entertainment. They deserve to be treated with all of the respect in the world, treated with dignity, and receive thanks for what they have left us. I am using this article to condemn those who mistreat the female artist in anyway as people who lack heart and soul because of their shallowness and emptiness.

I am also going to use this article to thank the female artists whose music have helped me survive and grow on a professional and personal level. To The Female Artist, my best wishes and thanks to you in the International Month Of Women and always especially for Jessica Shepherd, Vanessa Peters, Kat Dawn, Mabel Garcia, Callie Sioux Schiavone, Deann Rene, Laura Marie, Robyn Cage, Deann Hilton, Mandy Rowden, Julie Nolen, Karen Chisholm, Paula Tolly [33 Years], Adrienne Z, Jen Hajj, Jen Gloeckner, Jasmine Cain, Sabrina Fallah, Ekaterina Velikaya [her acting], Rose [3RG Miami and The Dropouts], Carrie Cunningham, Lala Deaton, Dani Hoy, Jessica Rae, Rena Wren, Christen Sawyer, Lockwood Barr, Alice Wallace, Caitlin Cannon, Claudia Gibson, Vanessa Lively, Nicolette Good, Tiffany Gassette, Katey Laurel, Amanda Pollard, Kristine Wriding, Carrie Elkin, Casie Luong, Tigirlily, Nina Ricci, Robin Tricker, and more


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