NO UNCLE TOM CABINS!                 4/11/2021

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Mission and vision statements

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is a global humanitarian organization that is present in the US, UK, and Canada. It promotes all kinds of initiatives aiming to include the black people in society, educate and empower them about their rights and make the daily injustices that they go through visible.  Its mission is to Eradicate white supremacy and build local power to intervene in violence inflicted on black communities by the state and vigilantes.

To start, I want to make clear that I am a white privileged male, an anathema to those that enjoy living in our new land of the imbeciles.    I am NOT a racist and never have felt, or acted, with prejudice and/or animosity against any human being like me, with the only and irrelevant difference of skin color.   

 As such, I have felt and acted throughout the almost 85 years of my life.    As far as I am concerned everyone’s lives matter.    As a Medical Doctor, and later medical administrator, it is to me inconceivable that when saving lives I have to prioritize an external human being’s color!   

It is not surprising then, that in my mind the title of any organization that aims to fight racism should not use an obvious racist title.    Today we found that the co-founder of an organization that beyond its name has a stated mission to improve the lives of an oppressed minority, has the same thirst for material things than what she calls “white supremacists”.    

Also, to completely expose the hypocrisy of these movements the lady in question is a declared “communist”.    I am referring to Patrisse Kahn-Cullors that co-founded the group and used as her own more than 3.2 million dollars to purchase residences for her and her “wife” to enjoy, as exposed in today’s NYPost.    

BLM is known to sponsor many protests which external agitators and plain hoodlums have used to physically hurt and destroy lives and businesses mostly owned by persons that have black colored skins.    All of these facts are ignored by the MSM that serves to the “will and call” of the “white supremacists” bosses.    Yes, you read it correctly!    

How much of the more than 90 million $$ donated to the BLM organization, come from the trillionares corporate and Tech leaders that are white?    How many of the MSM bosses are white?    We know the answer “almost all”.    But here is the end of the scam, as “we the people” are surely part of the “supremacists”, these white leaders believe that their donations and expressed subservience to these radical groups will exempt them from future harm.    

How mistaken they are, in the end as it happened in Cuba and every other country they take over, the richest and most powerful will be the first victims, and when our times come at least we will take our fate with our heads high and our morals intact.

Fernando J. Milanes, MD  


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