Response To Bob Carlstrom And Third Parties [RCAG]

I read the article “A Third Party” by Mr. Carlstrom [AMAC – Association of Mature American Citizens] and will say that I vote alternative parties because Republicans and Democrats do not represent me. I cannot be a hypocrite and vote for two parties that are Empty and Corrupt.
América is a great country in spite of its politicians. It is belief in God (not Religion) and Individual Initiative with different cultures uniting as one nation that make América great. The Politicians from both parties screwed it.
I am a Libertarian because I believe in less Government in peoples lives Socially and financially (compared to Liberals who restrict everything except morality and Conservatives who want to impose morals).
I am a Libertarian because of Biblical tenéts such as ALL LIVES MATTER FROM WOMB TO TOMB, as well as the need to give people the opportunity to Bloom personally and professionally without govt. I also believe in personal responsability, no hysteria and no regime change wars.

The Democrats have a long history of racism, hatred, division, and violation of human as well as civil rights since its Establishment in 1829. The Republicans have been doing the same and Serving as Rubber Stamps for Democrats. Both parties have approved Laws that gradually reduced the freedoms of the American people using as an excuse “for your/ our own good”. 
They created hysterias, hatreds, and fear that pits Americans against each other. If there is a so called “wasted vote”, its because the Republicans and Democrats approved Ballot Access Laws to deny other parties the opportunity to present their viewpoints under the excuse “a multi party system gives rise to weak government”. At the same time, extremists take advantage of the two party system to promote their agenda.

The idea of primary voting would be great for the two parties but if they are exclusive to others. Libertarians and Greens have their primaries but we dont count. I am afraid that when Primaries and Elections come in 2022 and 2024, there will be no freedom and elections will be rigged. The same Applies when COVID resolves.
Both parties are to blame including the Republicans who stabbed Laura Loomer, Kim Klacik, Trump, and Anna Paulina Luna in the back. The Republicans never supported Sean Feucht yet preferred stiff and constipated personalities such as Pence, Carlos Gimenez or Nikki Haley
The solutions lie in returning to God, the Bible and Prayer in the individual. For nonbelievers, a spiritual guide can do.

The next solutions would be a Convention of States under Article V of the US Constitution to address 
1. Term Limits (this should be for all politicians), 
2. Separation of Corporations from State, Free/Transparent Elections, 
3. Privatization of the majority of the public sector, 
4. Removing Politics from Sports, Music, and Academia

6. Repealing Laws that block freedom such as the Patriot Act  and Homeland Security and allowing the local Level to take care of Security and other ítems that Local Govt. Can do compared to the Federal level.
7. Diversity of Opinions to allow all to Express themselves without reprisals. 
8. Opportunities on the basis of merit
9. Justice for people like Dr. Steven Latulippe who lost his medical license in Oregon for questioning the COVID Narrative. While not denying the existence of COVID 19, having a different opinion does not justify removing a license. 
10. Justice for those who lost their livelihood, sanity, families who lost their loved ones to suicide because of COVID 19

10. Devolution of power such as Education to the local level

11. Repealing Laws declaring ILEGAL certain medications
12. Creation of a Crimes Against Humanity tribunal for those who used COVID to acquire dictatorial Power in Government, Corporations , Media, Big Tech, and Health and remove their political rights if found guilty. The same goes for the instigators of Cancel Culture. 

These are suggestions that need to be taken into account before it is too late


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