The Truth About Vaccines

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“Fraud-In-Chief” Joe Biden has given his first speech since entering the White House. In it, he took “credit” for President Donald Trump’s coronavirus vaccination plan, while accusing President Trump of doing nothing in response to coronavirus, and said that if Americans are “well behaved”, he might benevolently allow them to celebrate “Independence Day” in small groups.

The propaganda media “loved” this speech! MSNBC analyst David Corn called the address “the speech that Donald Trump refused to give.” Washington Post contributor Jennifer Rubin praised it as being “a sober, sometimes poetic and hopeful speech mixed with Biden’s telltale expressions of empathy and sorrow for the losses we have suffered.”

Vaccines won’t work’: US virologist breaks down COVID-19, how to curb spread

Biden gave this speech on March 11, the one-year anniversary of governmental “Wuhan virus” lockdowns, as if to “celebrate” the central government’s unprecedented shutdown of America.

He recounted “how…

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