Open Letter to ABC 7 Chicago IL Concerning Mayor Lightfoot And Her Decision Concerning Elite Journalists [RCAG]

I recently read about the decisión of Mayor Lightfoot [of Chicago IL] to address the Status Quo of the Press in USA. She does the right thing in allowing one to one interviews with journalists who represent the true América.

For so long, the Press in América belonged to an élite Group who were predominantly WASPS (White Anglo Saxon Privilege) with opinions based on their Armchair experience. Never Once was the opinión of Indigenous, Latins, African American Inuit taken into account with professionals from these ethnicities being marginalized and mocked because of who they are until recently. 

Who cannot forget Ellen De Generes mocking Sofía Vergara over her way of speaking English? I have not forgotten how Salma Hayek and others were assigned secondary roles in movies because of these bias. 

The same Applies to US Latins those born here. Not that we wanted free stuff just simply the same opportunities that WASPS received called an Equal Playing Field based on merit.

Regardless of political affiliation, you of the so called Status Quo press created the hatred and bias against those that are not like you. The result is you reap what you created and you should not complain I applaud Mayor Lightfoot in this decision.


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