The blog that did it : Is it politics or is it fear?

Mario Murillo Ministries

Editor’s note: On April 7th, 2014, at 3:17 PM Mario Murillo would see his life change forever. It was a blog that would slam the doors of churches shut to him. It was a blog that accused Christian leaders of refusing to face the destruction of American freedom. Read it again in the light of what is happening right now.

What would you do if they expelled your young daughter from school for being a Christian? What if it had nothing to do with bad behavior? She was expelled for her beliefs…pure and simple. What would you do? You would storm down to the principal’s office and demand your rights.

You could also understand your neighbor doing the same thing if this happened to one of their children. One thing you would not do is accuse your neighbor of being judgmental, political or “not walking in love.”

Many Christians think…

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