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Called one of the seven deadly sins, political gluttony is characterized by a limitless appetite for control, and overindulgence to the point where one is no longer governing just to do justice, but rather controlling just to govern.  Present in Old French and Middle English, the word glutonie derived from the Latin gluttire, “to swallow,” which in turn came from gula, the word for “throat.

As of now, with control of two of the three branches of government plus the faithful support of the assumed 4th one, the media, the Democrat party is proposing legislation that will convert our two party systems into one.    Our President and his handlers are in the process of dismantling everything that the prior president Trump did, regardless of the merits.   

 The opposition and the voters are barraged by constant misinformation and attacks on everything we have been taking for granted.    The question is, are they doing too much, too soon?    Does blaming the past administration for every mistake made, and taking credit for past success has a limit?    How much distortion about the “big lie”, and Trump’s desire to become a dictator, while they are doing just that, will be believed by “we the people”?    Have they engaged in the gluttony sin?    

Maybe so!    Every day there are more citizens openly opposing the suppression of freedom of speech by the “woke” and “cancel culture” movements which are just a play of words for fascist and/or communist tactics.    A small but growing number of parents are vocally opposing the “critical race” and other radical teachings, again another subterfuge for “brainwashing”.    Opposition against the totally false dictum that gender is a choice and that children should be able to select one or both, regardless of anatomy is also on the rise.    

Fact is that Tom is a boy, and Mary is a girl and it is so to couple, procreate, and maintain life.   Girls can be “tomboys”, boys “effeminate”, they could have been born gay, but none of them desire or need surgical and/or chemical castration.    The continued slogan of Trump’s “big lie” is already tiresome.    Lies are not big or small, like pregnancy you are or are not.    

Saying that the election was fraudulent or not, are both incorrect.    The only true fact was that there is statistical evidence that these voting results defied our past history.    Whether this was as a consequence of the COVID generated changes or fraud, or that if corrected would have changed the final numbers is an unanswered question.    An impartial investigation ordered by SCOTUS could provide an answer, but they decided, and I agree, that an instant benefit could cause long term damage.    Trump, being Trump, might continue to talk and twit, but the fact is that he left the presidency peacefully and timely.    Not the actions of a wannabe dictator.   

What was investigated and now facts demonstrate is that in January 6 there was no insurrection.    Recently shown videos show Capital police allowing the crowd to come in and the leaders of the assembled were calling through megaphones that they should be peaceful, and follow the rules.    These appeals were made as shown in the video by the bizarre looking men accused of being terrorists.    There were excesses committed and admitted by many, as getting into the abandoned chambers, taking pictures and mementos, plus some acts of vandalism of broken windows and similar.    

What it WAS NOT was an insurrection.    There were no arms, no deaths of police, and no attempt to change the government.    In fact the only fatality was of a female veteran shot while walking in a non threatening way by a Capital policeman.    Of course the name and actions of the killer have been ignored and not revealed.    Meanwhile 150 citizens remain in solitary confinement, not charged of anything close to insurrection.    This video and investigation results show that the lie (big?) is the one still repeated ad nauseum, lately by Rep.Cheney (R),of what happened on January 6.    I have faith on “we the people”, and trust that slowly but surely more of us denounce the misinformation and defend our freedom, whatever it takes!

Fernando J. Milanes, MD  


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