How Trump Derangement Syndrome Could Save America

Nwo Report

Source: Steve McCann

In the four years he was President, Donald Trump rebuilt the economy after the policy disasters of the Bush-Obama years, significantly curtailed illegal immigration, confronted and exposed the Chinese Communist Party, and with Operation Warp Speed conquered the China Coronavirus pandemic. While this list is impressive, his most significant long-term accomplishment may well place him in the pantheon of the American presidents that saved the nation: he fortuitously ripped open the floorboards and exposed the termites stealthily and relentlessly consuming the cultural, societal, and governmental foundation of the country.

During the later stages of the 2016 campaign and the four years of his presidency, Donald Trump’s personal characteristics and the timing of his election caused the ruling elites and the Marxist-inspired American left to become enraged and, thus, to fully expose themselves. Their collective duplicity, their furtive alliance, and the magnitude of this merger’s covert and disquieting…

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