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mascot donkey and republican headsAs one of my overseas readers put it recently “A lot of Americans need to grow up and stop thinking that their elections, alone of all nations in the world, are paragons of honesty.” Independent Voter site Balladeer’s Blog doesn’t need convinced of that. For 11 years, since 2010 I’ve run several blog posts regarding news stories about vote fraud, including arrests and convictions or confessions. (And remember, I don’t go along with conspiracy theories. YEARS ago I dismissed the Q-Anon items as nonsense, so none of my opinions were ever based on that.)

I’ve also written quite a bit on how largely discussed it is that the 1876 and year 2000 elections saw the likely losers go on to occupy the White House because of less-than-honest maneuvering regarding the counting of ballots. Admitting such things has not resulted in the collapse of the country.  

Most recently, regarding the…

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