Who Do I Support In The Second English Civil War?

I have been following the news about England Football fans booing their team in protest against the [FA] decision to “take the knee” in support of groups such as Black Lives Matter and other Social Justice Groups. This has been occurring in World Cup Qualifiers against Romania and Croatia as well as the FA Cup Finals between Chelsea and Leicester.

The response has been support from people such as Priti Patel [Home Secretary in the Boris Johnson Government] in the decision of supporters to boo their team At the same time there is condemnation of the same behavior from the same FA [Football Association] and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Many media outlets such as the BBC are expressing surprise at the decision of some of the English fans to boo their national team. It appears that the British Sports Authorities [as well as the governing elite] have forgotten that their country is still free and a functioning democracy at present tense because they are arrogant p@#$ies who are out of touch with their fan base.

Since when does the British Sports Elite [or any other] have the right to prohibit their supporters from expressing disgust at their decision to mix sports and politics. It is my understanding that sports should be used for enjoyment and anything related to politics [and religion] should be left to other areas.

The supporters of England’s National Football Team are tired of being told what is and not approved. They are tired of seeing sports mixed with politics and want matches to start with respect for the national anthem and the uniform.

When a player puts on a uniform of his or her national team in an international competition, he or she represents that country and should leave any politics aside. The same applies for the governing sports elite and government when it comes to said sporting events.

It would be a big mistake for the FA and the British governing elite to ignore the supporters since the booing could lead to bigger reactions such as cancellation of tickets or supporting opposing teams. While I am aware that British Imperialism has caused damage in the world, that should be left outside the stadiums so that people can enjoy matches.

The supporters of the England National Team deserve to have their voices heard by the FA and Elite instead of being marginalized so that some agreement can be reached. Otherwise, it would be hypocritical of England and the FA to call out and criticize others for lack of freedom when they do not practice it at home.


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